Tribute To Hans Christa Mattern of the Band Blue Anger
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It is my extremely sad duty to annouce that Hans Christa Mattern aged 48 , died on the 14th Jan 2002 from severe serosis of the liver.

She was also known as Petra and Nello (her real name being Petra Christa Mattern) she was born in Berlin on June 18th 1954. She was in the electronic band Blue Anger and also the early 80's German band Fiction, there will be pictures and a selection of tracks from Blue Anger's albums: Language of Fantasy and BA6D FUOCO soon.


It pains me to have to do this as her lover and her associate but  I am going to make this tribute web page to her, my sweet baby Hans, there will soon be a newly designed web page please watch this space

This is the saddest web page I will ever have to do in my life. My name is Ian George, you can contact me at and there will be a new email address that those who knew her can send pictures and other music of hers as well



There are now links to youtube for Blue Anger's Albums "Language of Fantasy" and "BA6D FUOCO" Hopefully I will work out a way to embed them into this web page, sorry it took so long

Hopefully friends and family will post pictures here and hopefully video as well

Please get in touch if you wish to add your personal thoughts about Hans' or you which to purchase on of  Blue Anger's albums